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How to run in the dark

Woerden -

I enjoy running early in the morning. For many, it may be difficult to set off early, because you are so comfortable in your bed and you prefer to turn around again. But (unfortunately) that doesn't apply to me. With two small children, the day at our home always starts early. At the weekends I love to start my day with running. 

Running in the morning increases my energy level and I benefit from it for the rest of the day. It feels good to put my body to work and it also stimulates my fat burning. I enjoy the peace on the street, the birdsongs, and the rising sun. Not unimportant, but by training early, I have the rest of the weekend off to do other fun things with my family.  

If you train in the early morning, it is important to be visible. Not everyone wakes up refreshed in the morning and you don't want to risk being overlooked. It stays dark for a long time in the morning. Because I find my visibility in the dark important, it was time to purchase reflective accessories to stand out.

Reflective vest with LED lighting

My preference is for a reflective safety vest with LED lighting from Rogelli Sportswear. The reflective material makes me extra stand out for other traffic participants. There are white LEDs on the front of the vest and red LEDs on the back. The LED lighting of the vest can be set to two positions with one or two clicks: continuous light or flash. One more click and the lighting goes out again.

The vest is one size. The adjustable straps make the vest custom-made and the fit is good. The vest is easy to attach to my upper body with clip hooks. While running, I hardly feel that I am wearing a vest. I experience that as very pleasant and I find it very important to go on the road with extra visibility.

Not only during the dark but also during other weather conditions you can wear the vest to be well visible. For example with rain or fog. I use the vest for running, but you can of course also use it when you go hiking or cycling.


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