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Hello, my name is Mathys. Eight years ago I discovered cycling. Since that moment, I started to ride my bike more and more every year. I like to shift my limits: faster, farther, higher, longer... it gives me a lot of enjoyment. When I'm on my bike I experience freedom to the fullest. With the Rogelli clothing I am ready for every challenge.


My name is Kristel and I am 26 years old. About four years ago I started cycling. I made my first miles on an old road bike of my brother-in-law. I liked this so much that I quickly bought a racing bike. Meanwhile, a mountain bike has also been added to the collection. For me, cycling is purely a way of relaxation and I prefer to do that in Rogelli's outfits.


I am Hanneke, an enthusiastic runner who likes to ride on her racing bike every now and then. Practicing sports has changed my life for the better. I hope to inspire and motivate others to put on their running shoes. When I can do it, you can do it as well!


I am Sam Matthysen, the man behind the cycling blog Fietspiratie. Antwerp is my home, where I live and work. With Fietspiratie I bring stories about pedals, in word and image. With this blog I want to inspire and motivate. Enjoy every kilometer of the distance with Rogelli.


My name is Monika Nowak and I am from Poland. I try to show cycling in a way to inspire other people, especially women and encourage them to simply Enjoy the distance! 


I'm Monika. I love cycling for six years. It's never too late to fall in love with a bicycle. I love to combine a bike with yoga which is often seen on my profile, long distances and infecting others. I invite you for rides to Poland.


I am Michiel, 36 years old and live in Enschede. Since 8 years I’m cycling a lot. I like some variation while cycling. That’s why I make my rounds on my racing bike, mountain bike or cyclocross. My preference goes to the real climbing, but with a lack of mountains in The Netherlands, I need to constrain this to my holidays. I am happy Rogelli Sportswear supports me as an ambassador and makes sure I have some variation in my apparel on the bike.


I am Maura finau, 27 years old and I live in Alkmaar. Since the beginning of 2018 I am fanatic when it comes to running. My goal? Enjoying every minute of the distance (and the environment), improve my PR with a few minutes every now and then and motivate others to enjoy sports to the fullest. 


What started as a project to become fitter, resulted in 6 marathons. Now I can't live without. Whether I am running on the road, through the dunes or on the beach, the feeling of freedom that running gives me is amazing. 


I am Finn Canton, 18 years old and I live in Sittard. On my mountainbike I try to reach the world top, together with the support of Rogelli. I like travelling, good food and new challenges. You may wake me up for the most technical mountainbike trails.


My name is Sjoukje, I am 37 years old and I live in Brabant. In 2012 I started running and now I'm a fanatical runner. I also started cycling last summer because of the nice wheater. I run 5 times a week. I train for different distances and always want to improve myself. That goes with ups and downs, that is what makes the sport so beautiful. I especially want to inspire and motivate others with my running stories. #enjoythedistance!




Hi! I'm Paulina! Cycling is my passion. When I started I was crying after 10 kilometers. Now I'm smiling after 300?? I ride all year round in all conditions. I'm not afraid of rain, snow or even strong wind. Happy cycling from Poland!


I am Marcel van Delft, an enthusiastic cyclist and I have been practicing cycling since 2005. Tours, social rides, training courses, I enjoy every kilometer. I commute to work on my racing bike, which is a great way to train during the week and make miles. I also try to cycle all year round. On average I cycle around 12000 km a year. I thank the Rogelli Sportswear team for providing me with their beautiful sportswear so that I look sophisticated on the road every day!


Taking part in running events is what Femke loves. For this she travels the whole country and beyond. It is amazing to see how runners can motivate each other, how fast or 'slow' you may be. When she travels, she always brings along her running shoes. She blogs about it on www.girlsruntheworld.nl


Let's go! Rain or shine, just go 'play outside': running, cycling (MTB or racing bike). And ice skating in the winter. This way I am always looking for a new challange: running a marathon, cycling 100KM and someday the Elfstedentocht. I hope to inspire and motivate and how nice is it to be able to do this with a pretty Rogelly outfit!


My name is Margriet Halbertsma. Besides my job as a gym teacher in secondary school, I am a fanatic runner. What once started as maintaining fitness in other sports has eventually become my favorite sport. From short, fast distances to running marathons and trails. Trails are especially my favorite. In addition to running, I enjoy riding on my road bike in the summer and I occasionally participate in triathlons and obstacle runs.



Hi, I'm Rémi, I'm 18 years old and I am a French cyclist. I come from the French Alps and I am a climber. I do races and for me, being an ambassador for Rogelli is just amazing because I meet people who share my passion and I'm proud to represent the brand in France!



I have been engaged in sports for a long time.  Road cycling has taken over my life and it brings me lot of joy and satisfaction, as well as motivation to challenge myself further. Discovering my new abilities and progress motivates me to continue with my training, and I can't imagine ever leaving it behind.


I am Pien Limpens, 19 years old and live in Obbicht. Being an ambassador for Rogelli Sportswear makes it possible to put the brand with all its beautiful and new developments on the map in the south of The Netherlands.


Hi there! My name is Julia Zwaan, 21 years old, graphic design student and photographer. In September I will start the creative business course at Hogeschool Utrecht. Since my childhood, I ride competitions just like my brother and sister. At the moment I am cycling with the Jan van Arckel ladies. The best thing about cycling is the freedom and challenge to get better and better.


Sports is in my blood. As a little girl at the age of 5, I started synchronized swimming, but after the arrival of my two children that was no longer an option. Since then I run and push my limits. The 3 miles became 6 miles and I also did the marathon! I enjoyed every mile! Running is my passion.


Hi, I’m Pauline and I’m a triathlete from France. I started bike last year, in january 2019 and doing my first IRONMAN 70.3 in june 2019... and what a surprise to be qualified for 70.3 WC in Nice in September !! Rogelli helped me to do my best and I hope continue with them to enjoy the distance.


I am Sabine and I come from Munich in Germany. I discovered my love of runnig four years ago. My partner also motivated me to start triathlon training. I love to start a marathon and triathlon race and get everything out of me. As a Rogelli Ambassador, I would like to share this positive attitude with you.


I went out running to get fitter. And it worked! What started with a run of 3 miles has grown into half marathons. But my heart is also with Trailrunning, that feeling of freedom when you run through the nature is wonderful. I hope to inspire several people with this. #enjoythedistance.