Wholesaler in sports clothing
Wholesaler in sports clothing

Rogelli is a wholesaler in sports clothing. That is why it is not possible to buy clothes on our website directly. We would like to make you aware of our resellers in your neighbourhood via the store locator.

Business partner

GOWA Sportswear b.v. is a wholesaler in sports clothing. The apparel have good quality, beautiful designs, and perfect fittings. More importantly, the clothes are extra comfortable in order to enjoy your sport more.

Smart that you would like to have our clothes in your store! With our clothes you make sure your customer keeps coming back.

Our team

Our team ensures that all parcels are send out daily, on the right time. All our customers are equally important to us, so you always deserve our attention. It is our job to fully support you with reselling our products.


How does it work?

Our sports clothing are available in almost all of the European countries, including the Netherlands. To make sure every customer in all country are handled well, we work with different retailers and distributors. You could be one of them! Please contact us via sales@rogelli.com for information.