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Cosiness at its best during the winter shoot in Austria!

Austria -

Rogelli launches a new collection twice a year, a spring / summer and an autumn / winter collection. Our winter 2021 collection was launched last fall. Content plays an important role in the launch of a collection. We are proud of our new collection and of course we would like to present it to our customers in the most beautiful way possible, and that requires content. This time we traveled to Austria to take the most beautiful photos and videos of the new Rogelli winter collection. The shoot takes place in the beautiful setting of mirror-smooth mountain lakes and snowy mountain peaks. Curious how our team experienced the shoot? You can find out in this blog!

Above expectations
The shoot team consisted of product designer Michael, marketer Jason, photographer Wouter, videographer Bart, assistant Diede, male models Nol and Robert and female model Nicole. Michael and Jason are responsible for preparing  the shoot. They chose the locations, arranged the accommodations and made a plan. Jason: “We made a plan in advance and created a route along the most beautiful locations based on the information found on the internet.” Despite the fact that we had prepared everything well, the beauty of Austria really surprised me. In addition to this, the charisma in the group was fantastic and friendships were even formed. You can never predict of these events unfold and we were truly blessed. “What you also cannot predict is the weather. Nothing is more fluctuating and unpredictable than the weather!” Fortunately, we were very lucky with that during the shoot. Jason: “We know the planning and the locations in advance. We knew where the most beautiful places in Austria could be found and where we had to be. Once there, we could usually get started right away thanks to the good weather. As a result, in addition to the planned shoots, there was also room for spontaneity and creativity. Behind every corner there was something cool to discover and to take a nice photo or video. ”

Besides the most beautiful locations, beautiful models are of course also needed to be able to make good content. We were lucky to have both! How did they experience the shoot? Female model Nicole is a cycling fanatic and gets her energy from cycling long distances. She also likes to train with her team to continuously improve her level. “Beforehand I thought: I will be happy if I have a good connection with at least one person. But everyone in the group was very nice and I had a connected with everyone. It made the experience much more special and pleasant. There was a cozy and professional atmosphere and you can see that in the photos. ”Austria positively amazed Nicole. “I would definitely go back to Austria to train. I especially liked the glaciers on top of the mountains and it was nice that after taking the photos we were allowed to cycle down again ourselves.”

Male models Nol and Robert were also impressed by the Austrian landscape and the cozy atmosphere during the shoot. Nol started cycling when he decided to climb the Alpe d’Hues to raise money for the KWF. Since then he has been a cycling fanatic and competes. Nol: “Everyone could be themselves during the shoot, it all felt very natural. Austria really surprised me and I especially found the wild animals very special. We made images with wild horses that we encountered spontaneously, that was cool.” Robert agrees: “The wildlife in the mountain village of Kühtai where we stayed was fantastic. I thought the Edelweissspitze (one of the highest points in Austria) was the most beautiful location, because we were able to make really wintery images there." After Robert quit his top sports career, he suddenly had plenty of time. When he saw that Rogelli was looking for models for the winter shoot, he immediately knew: this is something for me. “I was looking forward to a new adventure and to get to know new people. The shoot certainly exceeded my expectations, it was really cool."

A cool collection
The clothing of the new Rogelli winter collection was well received by the models. Nicole: “It was nice to keep getting beautiful sets of clothing in which we could cycle. I especially like the colors and designs of this collection. I would definitely wear the clothes during a workout. ” Nol cycles more often in Rogelli and found the clothing of the new Rogelli winter collection just like the Austrian landscape, very diverse. “It is a very broad and diverse collection, which I thought was cool. Both in terms of designs and quality. My father cycles in this clothing, but for someone who is a professional, they can also cycle in Rogelli clothing. What I especially liked are the colors. Rogelli really has designs that other brands do not have.” Robert likes a more classic look on the bike and he was also positively surprised by our new winter collection: “I particularly like the somewhat minimalist designs, for example the Essential and the Wadded jacket. Rogelli really has a unique appearance.”

Curious about our beautifully shot gems? Then quickly check out our social media and experience the beauty of Austria for yourself!

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