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Winter has started, dress well for the cold weather

Sint Willebrord -

Even though temperatures have been falling during the last few weeks, today winter officially starts. As a real cyclist or runner, the cold doesn’t withhold you from going outside for a nice bike ride or run. Exercising outside is incredibly heal

When you go outside for a run or bike ride, make sure to dress well for the cold weather. With the tips in this article you will be well prepared.

Wear multiple layers

Wearing multiple layers is essential to stay nice and warm. Make sure to wear three different layers on the really cold days: an undershirt, cycling or running shirt and a winter jacket. Each of those layers has its own function.  

An undershirt keeps you warm and drains transpiration. The second layer is meant to keep your body warm and eliminate excessive heat at the same time. Because of this you will not get too warm. The winter jacket, like the Trani 4.0 protects you against the cold from outside. Many of our winter jackets also protect you against wind and rain. The Renon 3.0 for example is an extremely multifunctional jacket.

Pick the right gloves

When going for a run or bike ride in the cold, you want your hands to stay nice and warm. Especially when the temperatures are dropping below freezing point, make sure to wear a good pair of gloves. On our website you find multiple winter gloves for both running and cycling. With the Inverno and Tocca wintergloves, you are sure to keep your hands warm during cycling.

Need some extra warmth during running? The Oakland gloves are a good choice for you. Do you make use of a smartphone or other device during your run or bike ride? When wearing our gloves with special touch fingertips you can keep your hands warm while using the touchscreen.

Keep your feet warm

Many athletes decide to wear Merino Wool Socks during winter. And there’s a reason for that! This sheep’s whool offers maximum isolation. Because of this you are sure to keep your feet warm during cold weather. Another way to keep your feet warm during a bike ride, is wearing overshoes. Our Hydrotec overshoes are developed to protect your feet against the rain and cold.

Wear a cap underneath your helmet

Did you know that your body loses most of its warmth through the head? For that reason, it is important to keep your head warm, especially on cold days. Going out for a run? Wear a headband or running cap like the Lester or Maxie. For cycling we offer special wintercaps to wear underneath your helmet, for example the Lari and Protettivo. Our wintercaps effectively isolate warmth because of the fleece inner lining.  

Protect your face from the cold

Many people underestimate the importance of keeping their face and neck warm. By wearing a scarf, you prevent that your throat gets cold. This helps you to keep breathing well. Not only is this comfortable, it is also important for your athletic abilities. Rogelli scarfs are wearable in six different ways. Just protect your throat, or wear the scarf as a headband. The scarf is a versatile accessory that is indispensable when you are going out in the cold.  

Let the winter come

By wearing the right clothing, you make sure you are comfortable and warm during your run or bike ride in the cold winter months. Explore our cycle and running clothing on our website. Find your nearest store by using our store locator. Don’t let the cold temperatures be in the way to enjoy being outside. Let the winter come!