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Want to exercise more in 2019? With these 7 tips you will get there

Sint Willebrord -

Only a few days are left until we start counting down, light up fireworks and celebrate the start of a new year. Do you have big plans for 2019? For example exercising more? Or do you plan to train for a big goal like running a marathon?

Many people see the start of the new year as a fresh start. It is a moment to change your habits for the better. Eat healthier, exercise more or even start practicing a new sport. But how do you stay motivated throughout the year? With the following tips and tricks you are sure to succeed!

1. Start easy

The new year is about to begin and one of your new year’s resolutions is to exercise more. With big enthusiasm you lace up your running shoes for a long run on the second of January. Or you go on a nice and long bike ride. That feels good! The next day you go for a bike ride or run again. And the day after that. After a week you are worn up and quit your resolution.

Starting too fast is one of the reasons that people quit their new year’s resolutions after a short time. Do you plan to exercise more in 2019? Start easy and gradually make your workouts longer and harder. In this way you prevent injuries and make sure you keep enjoying your new routine of exercising more.

2. Set achievable goals

When you work towards clear and achievable goals, you are way more likely to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Are you currently (almost) not exercising? A good goal could be to run 10 kilometers straight. Are you cycling for a while now, but would you like to ride your bike more often or longer? Set a goal to ride your bike a certain amount of times a week of to ride a certain number of kilometers each month.

There are countless possibilities for setting goals. Always make sure to formulate your goals clearly and make them achievable. This gives you something to aim towards. As a result, you know exactly what to do to get yourself closer towards your goal. Also, you know when you reach your goal and when to be truly proud of yourself.

3. Be well prepared

Are you using the start of January as an opportunity to exercise more? Keep in mind that it can be cold outside. That is not a bad thing, as long as you dress well for the cold weather. Make sure you have a warm outfit for cycling or running in our closet. With a winter jacket for running or cycling you are well prepared, even for the coldest days. Is it raining outside? With a good rain jacket you have no excuse to stay inside.

4. Enjoy yourself!

As you know, our motto is: ‘Enjoy the distance’. And there is a reason for that. Exercising is something you do for the joy of it. We think that having fun is the most important aspect of practicing sports. When you make exercising fun, you are way more likely to stay motivated.

There are multiple ways to make sports fun. Switch it up between different types of workouts, for example. Alternate between short and fast training rounds and longer tours at a somewhat slower pace. Discover new places and enjoy the beauty of nature. Exercise together with friends and drink a nice cup of coffee after you finish. As you see, there are endless ways to have fun during exercising. This way you will always look forward to your next cycling or running training.

5. Keep track of your progress

Even though you do not always see it from day to day, when you exercise more there will be progress. Get insights into your gains by keeping track. Nowadays, there are multiple apps and sports watches available that measure, among others, the length, speed and duration of your workout.  How great is it to see that you can cycle faster than before? Or that you are able to run a much further distance? Seeing progress motivates to sustain your new lifestyle.

6. Treat yourself

Did you reach a new milestone towards your end goal? For example because you rode or ran a certain distance? Or because you went for a workout 3 times a week for the last month? This is the perfect moment to treat yourself. For example by getting yourself a new cycling jersey. Or how about a nice accessory like a cap? A new outfit makes it even more fun to go out for a run or bike ride, don’t you agree?

7. Plan a race

Going for a run is much easier when you are actually training for a specific event. And it is fun as well. By enrolling for an event, you have a clear goal to work for. This gives you motivation to train and helps you to stick to your exercising schedule. Pick an event that is a few months away, so you have enough time to prepare yourself.

Enjoy the distance in 2019

At Rogelli, we think that exercising has to be fun. Therefore, our most important tip for 2019: chase your goals, go for it and above all enjoy every single moment. This way, it will certainly be a great year filled with beautiful experiences.