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How do you beat the cold? Put on layers!

Sint-Willebrord -

In winter you have cycling jet heaters or the extra clothing for the cold. For both of these situations it is very difficult to wear the right clothing during a winter ride. For the real jet heaters, sweat breaks out after a few kilometers, while the clothing can leave you shivering. The right clothes in autumn can make a world of difference. In order to really enjoy your trip, it is important not to be too warm but also not to be under-dressed for the harsh and cold weather. Read on and learn more about the 3 layer system!

What is the three-tier system?
The three-layer system refers to wearing three different layers of clothing during the colder temperatures. Each layer has its own function and purposes. You start by dressing yourself with a base layer, on top of that comes an insulating layer and finally the protective layer. But what kind of clothes do you need to wear per layer?

  1. A base layer, such as thermal undergarments.
  2. An insulating layer, jacket, vest, long-sleeved shirt.
  3. The protective layer, a protective jacket against wind and rain.

The base layer:
The bottom layer of your clothing ensures that all moisture can be drained. This layer consists of thermal undergarments, such as underwear and under shirts. These undergarments are often made of Polyester artificial fiber, this fabric barely holds moisture or in some cases none at all. The lower layer is very important because the moisture-wicking dust does not give you a wet and sweaty body. Is it so cold that the icicles are hanging from the roofs? Then feel free to wear two thermo-shirts over each other. Between these shirts there is a layer of warm air which keeps your upper body warm.

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The insulating layer:
Now that your body is well protected from moisture, it is important to insulate your body from the cutting cold. In this case think of a cardigan or long sleeved shirt. It is very important that this layer, unlike the base layer, fits a little looser around your body. This creates a warm layer of air between the two layers. The thickness of your vest or long sleeved shirt depends on the weather conditions. With the freezing cold, a nice thick vest always comes in handy.

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The protective layer:
Thanks to the base and insulating layer, your body is now resistant to moisture and cold. But to shield these layers, it is important to add a protective layer. The third and final layer protects against wind and precipitation. This layer includes a water and windproof jacket to protect the remaining layers.
In some temperatures a raincoat is already thick enough, this of course also depends on the thickness of the first chosen layers. So you can opt for a windproof  and or a water-repellent jacket to protect the whole thing.

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Why choose layering system?
In addition to protecting your body from sweat, cold, wind and rain, the layering system is perfect for the constantly changing weather conditions. When it starts to get really cold, all these layers come in handy. But as soon as you start drinking a delicious hot chocolate inside, it's all of a sudden way too hot. The solution? Just take a layer off!

Ready to go back to the icy cold? Put the layers back on and enjoy a wonderful winter ride!

Complete the look:
The three-layer system works great for your torso, but it's certainly so important to keep your feet, hands and head warm. Choose warm winter socks and winter gloves. Did you know you can wear socks and gloves in layers? The first layer is to wear a thin sock with a thick sock over it. To finish it off choose a pair of overshoes, your feet will be eternally grateful.
With the gloves you start with a thin inside glove and a regular or winter glove over it. Say goodbye to cold hands!
For the runners among us, don't forget to put on your hat or hairband. You lose 40% energy through your head!

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Whether you are a jet heater or an eternal cold stand, with the three-layer system you always go well dressed! Don't forget to start with thermal undergarments, then a nice warm vest or long sleeved shirt and to finish it off completely a protective jacket against the wind and rain. Nothing's going to stop you from braving the winter temperatures. Make use of the three-layer system and enjoy every distance!