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Our mission is to inspire and motivate athletes to have fun while working-out. We strongly believe that we make sport clothes which makes everyone happy. Our clothing is made of the best fabrics with the right functionality. With our gear we would like to contribute to your happiness which makes sure you stay motivated for the long time.

To inspire and motivate

Our mission is to inspire and motivate athletes to have fun while working-out. 'Enjoy the distance'. Our believing:

  • We make sports clothes which make you happy. When you enjoy your workout you tend to stay motivated on the long term. It is more likely you will stay focused and reach your goals.
  • We stand for comfort, quality, and price
  • Be healthy, distress, and relax by means of doing sports
  • Working out together is more fun
  • It doesn't matter what your goal is, everyone who is doing sports is already a winner
  • Enjoy doing sports


We find it very important to contribute to sport and to support various sport teams by means of a sponsorship. Currently, we strongly support Metec Continental Cycling Team and Eredivisie Triathlon Teams, such as Kijani and Trimates. These professional athletes give us valuable feedback in order to optimise our collection.  We find it very important that our sponsor teams value the same aspects as we do. 

            how it all started

Rogelli, how it all started

It all started around New Year 1890/1891 in  a small bedroom of barely six square meter, in Sint-Willebrod (The Netherlands). 

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Our Ambasssadors

Share the love of sports with your partner. This is exactly what Rob and Juriena do.
This love couple has a joint passion, named Triathlon. They are both a part of the Eredivisie Triathlon team, Kijani.

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